Instructions for use Fungonis Gel

How to use Fungonis Gel – it is written in the instructions of use, it comes in the package of the product.

instructions for use Fungonis Gel

You must apply the gel and feet twice a day in the area affected by the fungus and rub the elegance of the movements, so that the gel has infiltrated. The course of treatment is 7 days.

For the prevention of fungi to apply the gel for the treatment of nail fungus of the feet and times a day, after going to the bathroom.


Fungonis Gel it is recommended to use in any fungal defeats of the stop and of the nails. Use the gel with the following signs:

  • The bad smell
  • The itching and irritation
  • The redness and burning of the skin
  • Desquamation of the fingers of the feet and the palms of the hands
  • Calluses and cracks on the feet
  • The yellowness and the deformation of the nail, the destruction of the nail


According to the results of clinical studies Fungonis Gel it is hypoallergenic and safe tool. Any person in italy may use the gel. The contraindications are only intolerance of individual components and of the children-aged up to three years.

Consult your dermatologist before using the gel, the specialist will help you develop a scheme of treatment and can advise on the disease.