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Fungonis Gel - the number one tool for the treatment of fungal nails and feet

Thanks to its innovative formula and to the composition of the natural components Fungonis Gel struggling not only with the symptoms of the fungi, but also with their causes – fungal-organisms.

Fungonis Gel revolution in the treatment of fungus

Gel for the treatment of nail fungus of the feet and the Fungonis Gel it penetrates deeply into the cellular structure of the skin and of the nails, it stops the reproduction of fungi, and then destroys pathogens. Also the gel contributes to the rapid regeneration of the tissues, relieves itching and discomfort, and most importantly – guarantees the absence of recurrence of the disease after treatment.

What is athlete's foot?

Pathogenic fungi, penetrating into the human body, causing unpleasant disease – athlete's foot. As the fungus destroys the skin and nails of the plate of the person, cause discomfort, irritation, and bad odor. If this is not athlete's foot is an infection can penetrate more deeply into the body, causing the defeat of other parts of the body and the internal organs, which can cause serious complications.

According to the statistics of the world health organization, at least 20% of the world's population will be surprised of some type of fungus. During the last decade, the number of diseases, mycoses has increased more than 2 times.

How infection occurs the fungus?

the fungus of feet and nails

Get mycosis can be in any place, when in contact with common objects of everyday life, in the bath or in the pool.

In the third part of the cases, people are infected family members affected by the fungus of the stop and of the nails. It can be clipped to the infection through an object infected with fungal microorganisms.

Common, often become breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. Gyms, public toilets and communal showers, hair salon, in all these places great is the risk of infection by the fungus, especially if they do not meet the sanitary norms.

Athlete's foot is very easy to raise in a warm and humid environment. The football players, dancer, and others, who by the duty of the profession of a lot of time passes in a shoe and deal with the physical activities, are predisposed to the disease by the fungus.

Hyperhidrosis – increased sweating, can also become a risk factor for the development of the infection.

The decline of immunity to the diseases of colds weakens the protective barriers of our body, which will allow the fungus without obstacles penetrate the cells and begin playback.

Suspect the symptoms of the fungus, it is best to use preventive Fungonis Gel – a powerful instrument of common action, instantly destroys infectious agents in all layers of the skin.

The symptoms of fungus in the

In the first place, takes into account the appearance of your feet and toenails. Peeling, redness of the modification of the shape and the color of the nail, brittleness of the surface of the nail, all of this – signs and symptoms of fungal nails and feet. You can also produce itching, burning, pain, and evil putrid odor.

In the following stages of the disease in the feet begin to form bubbles and cracks, skin peeling water.

The nails are thick and start to exfoliate. Cracks in the surface of the nail – a family, a couple of the sick by the fungus. And the nail, very deeply affected by mycoses, may be simply to die for that will take a lot of discomfort.

Why is it necessary to cure the fungus

Despite the fact that the necessity of treating this disease, it seems obvious, many people are not in earnest, until the fungus does not reach the latter stages. But this can be avoided by using the gel for the treatment of nail fungus Fungonis Gel. Here are the consequences that await those who by negligence refers to your health:

  1. The oppression of the body toxins and wastes fungal pathogens causes a decrease of welfare, the development of the allergy and the weakening of the immunity.
  2. The fungus is constantly on the increase, hitting the new and the new parts of your body. If you do not get rid of it, it can't reach the skin of the back, the hair or the genitals.
  3. In the very execution of the cases of athlete's foot reaches the internal organs, and then to defeat the disease already will be very difficult.
  4. A strong unpleasant odor is definitely going to ruin the lives of those who decry the treatment of fungus. And hide in the common areas is very difficult.
  5. Finally, many people are apprehensive refer to the sick by the fungus, and try to avoid communication with them.

Why choose Fungonis Gel

The action and the benefits of Fungonis Gel

the action Fungonis Gel
  1. This complex is safe and suitable for the treatment in the later stages, as well as for the prevention of mold and mildew.
  2. Gel destroys the spores of fungi of the colonies, and stops the spread of the fungus in the body.
  3. Has deodorizing effect, eliminates all traces of odor and reduces sweating of the feet.
  4. Improves blood circulation, helping the body to fight infections.
  5. Exerts the influence that heals, tightens wounds, cracks and sores.
  6. Moisturizes and softens the epidermis the epidermis, soothing irritation and itching.

The composition of the Fungonis Gel

The unique formula of Fungonis Gel works in all types of fungi and parasites.

As you can buy Fungonis Gel in italy

Today the official website of the manufacturer carries out the action. Make a print on your request Fungonis Gel with a discount of 50% only in 39 € and what is the price in another country. The price relevant to the country of italy.

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Fungonis Gel it is a great tool for the treatment of fungal feet and nails in all phases of the disease. in italy it is difficult to find the most effective tool, often I recommend this gel to their patients, since he is hypoallergenic and does not cause side effects.